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7 steps to set time limit in google form with Form Presenter for Quiz and other forms.


Hello Friends, Google form is the best, secure, and free way to take an online survey, create a job application, conduct an online test or quiz, and so on.

Today I am going to share with you How to set time limits in google quiz form, how to set date and time in google forms, google form start and end time

So you can create an environment like a real quiz to the respondent.


This form has 2 features

  1. The respondent can submit only on a specific date and time

  2. The respondent can submit in specific time limits ( Countdown 30 minutes)

In google form, we don't find an inbuilt time limit feature for that we need to install some add-ons.
There are lots of add-ons on the google marketplace. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid. So in this article, I will share your FREE Time Limits Add-ons for google form.

Following is the demo for the How to set a time limit in google form?

Step 1- Create a Quiz.

Step 2
- click on the More Icone or three dots. Then click on Add-ons.



Step 3- Now Search Form Presenter and Install it using your Email id. You have to register yourself.


Step 4- Successfully Installation of add-ons you need to set up it. Now click on Addon Icon. Then click on Form Presenter and set it up.

Step 5- After a successful setup, you will be seen as an Interface like this. Scroll Down, and you can see the Time Control option. In that choose a Specific time option. Here you can choose the deadline for google form. also, you can set the timer in the quiz, form, or online test. This means you can create a google form with a specific date and specific time.

Steps 6- After filing all details now, it's time to publish your form. Click on publish form—congratulation you made it.


Final step- after the successful publication of the form, You have to copy the link which given in Form presenter add-ons. Now share this link to the targeted audience.

You can also restrict your respondent or students to appear in the quiz. For that, I have written an article on it- How to Restrict users or respondents in the google form.
Also, you can set a Welcome Message for your students or respondent.

I hope this article on how to set a time limit in google form quiz will help you. If you have any doubt or queries, then please do comment.

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